Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you found your way here and hope you find it worthwhile so that you will return soon.

I spent most of my life doing as I thought others wanted me to do. It wasn’t until I was married, raised two children, and divorced 38 years later, that I finally found me, Jeanene Fisher. Took me long enough, didn’t it! The difficulties, changes, and joys in my life have brought me to a greater understanding of gratitude, kindness, generosity being positive,and many other attributes such as these. Now, I feel it is time to write, hoping that what I have to share will strike a chord with you, give you an “aha” moment, or perhaps a realization you hadn’t been aware of before. Through my writings, my desire is that we will all continue growing.

I will be adding a blog post once a week. I welcome your comments, and will faithfully answer any questions you may send my way. If you enjoy what you read, I would be grateful for any sharing on social media or with a friend. Each post has social media buttons  – including one for e-mail – you can click for an easy share.

I’d like to invite you to stay in touch. Instead of thinking you will remember to come back, why not join my e-mail list so you will know when I have a new blog post. I promise not to inundate you with e-mails.

Thanks so much for your interest.

Jeanene Fisher

Lover of Life



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