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What’s Your Purpose In Life?


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How many times have you heard people talking about how they have found their

purpose in life?

And do you chime in and share your purpose?  Or do you just kind of slink into the background because you haven’t a clue what your purpose in life may be.

Finding one’s purpose in life has become a major concern for many people.  In fact, I feel it has been talked about so much that it has led many to feel inferior in the face of all those purposed people.

What does it mean to have a purpose in life? Does it mean that you have accomplished some act that influences the entire world, complete with shooting stars as recognition of what you have done? If that were so, very few of us would ever recognize our true purpose or meaning of our lives.

No, I think our purpose in life is to simply make a difference in another person’s life. Think of all the people you touch in your lifetime. You never know but what you had a large or small impact on someone’s life.

Perhaps it was something you said to them, a gentle touch, a smile, or just listening that made them feel connected.  Visiting the sick, guiding the young, including the aged in your life are only a few of the ways that you show that someone – YOU – care about them. Maybe your actions set an example for someone to follow that helped to improve their life.  And, in most cases, you may never know how much you impacted another’s life.

Perhaps that is the key here – the lack of recognition  for the influence we have in other’s lives.  We don’t feel we are living our purpose because we seldom have knowledge of how we influenced others.  Mother Teresa, of course, is our prime example for influencing the world without expecting recognition and praise.

So don’t go around thinking you have to be magnificent to the whole world. You only need to be magnificent to your neighbor, a co-worker, a stranger and you will have achieved great purpose in your life.

Go out and be purposeful. 🙂

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